Petaluma Electrical Heating Services

Whether you own a home or business, or both, in the Petaluma area, you need to be equipped with a reliable and efficient heating system. After all, the last thing you want is to leave your family or your clients out in the cold. Of course, settling on a heating system isn’t an easy decision. They all have their fair share of benefits, but for maximum precision, efficiency and ease of installation, electric heating is the way to go.

Electric heating is one of the few heating options that doesn’t require a flue or pipe-work, so there are no restrictions on building layout or design and no regulatory or planning issues associated with the positioning of flues. The electric heaters that will be installed can be placed virtually anywhere, offering an unparalleled freedom of design.

The only thing you have to do to make sure your electrical heating system is successfully installed in your Petaluma home or business is to give Carl Miller Electric a call. Comprised of licensed, bonded and insured electricians, Carl Miller Electric has been proud to provide exceptional electrical heating services to commercial and residential clients all over the area.

Whether you need an electrical heating system installed or you are simply in need of a bit of maintenance, call Carl Miller Electric today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote for the electrical heating service you require.

Safe and Reliable Heating Solution

There is a growing number of people who don’t like the idea of having a huge, combustible heating system in the basement of their home or business. This is totally fair since your safety must always be an important consideration no matter what you’re doing, and this is especially true when it comes to heating.

Electric heaters do not burn fuel internally to generate heat. This is a definite benefit for anyone who is looking prioritize safety when it comes to selecting their heating system as there are none of the safety risks that are a part of gas or oil-based system like carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions.

Furthermore, since there are no radiators to leak or burst, choosing electrical heating means that there is practically a non-existent risk of doing serious damage to your property. Plus, with no moving parts to wear out or break down, electric heating is extremely reliable and will run much longer than gas heating.

Low Installation and Lifetime Costs

For most people, their choice of heating system ultimately comes down to cost. And with electric heating, there are very minimal installation costs as well as lifetime costs. Since there is no pipework required, a simple connection to your home or business’s circuits is all we need to do.

And since electrical heating systems don’t have hidden maintenance and fuel costs, they will end up being significantly cheaper in the long run.

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