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Are you in search of a reputable and certified electrical contractor in the Santa Rosa area? If so, the contractors at Carl Miller Electric are here to put that search to an end. Offering the finest residential electrical services, we are here to help you.

From the installation of new electrical panels and new construction electrical services to much-needed repair and maintenance services, we do it all. We are the fast-acting and effective electricians who every homeowner needs to know.

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Fully Fledged Electrical Contractors

There are times when you might need an everyday electrician to address some minor generator problems or an electrical outlet that doesn't seem to power your appliances. While trained tradespersons might be capable of addressing small issues like that, bigger jobs often require the expertise of an established electrical contractor.

If you don’t know the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor, you don’t need to beat yourself up over it because very few people realize there is a difference between the two disciplines. Yes, both work with electricity and their expertise are invaluable whenever there is electrical work required, but that’s where the similarities end.

An electrician is a trained tradesperson who can assist you with repairs and installations of your residential or commercial property in the Santa Rosa area whereas an electrical contractor is a person or firm that performs specialized construction related to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. This means when you are building something from scratch or remodeling an existing residential or commercial building and need a specialist to tend to all the electrical demands, you need to find a reliable, licensed and insured electrical contractor.

Our Contractors Do It All

In short, our residential electrical contractors are responsible for the maintenance and installation of electrical systems. The job sees us installing wires, electrical panels, breaker boxes, and a host of additional components. No matter the scope of the project, our team of electrical professionals will surely rise to the occasion.

Working with a full-service electrical company like ours saves you from ever having to call our team again. We have the experience, the credentials, and the equipment needed to assess all of your electrical problems and more.

If you are a residential or commercial client in need of the professional assistance an electrical contractor can provide, your best bet is to contact Carl Miller Electric. Carl Miller Electric has been proud to serve homes and businesses in the Santa Rosa area, designing, installing and maintaining all kinds of electrical systems. Since our first day as an electrical contracting firm, we have always done everything we can to make quality work our calling card.

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Residential Electrical Contracting Services

Whether you are planning a remodel, or you are going to build a custom home in the Santa Rosa area, you are going to need to power your home somehow. If you want to make sure that your new or remodeled home is free from any electrical issues, it starts with choosing Carl Miller Electric as your residential electrical contractor.

Carl Miller Electric should be your first choice when you need a residential electrical contractor because our team is extremely qualified and experienced. On jobs both big and small, you can always expect attention to detail, integrity and quality work at an affordable price. Just some of the things we can assist you with include:

  • Electric panel upgrades
  • Whole home surge protection
  • Permit and inspections
  • Residential installations
  • Code violation correction
  • Generator and emergency power hookup
  • Trouble shoot and repair services
  • Electrical appliance installation

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Let Our Electrical Contractors Install Your Luxury Property Features

Our team of licensed electrical contractors specializes in installing luxury features in your home, specifically hot tubs and saunas. Spending more time at home means that you should invest in features that can make your space a cozy home and relaxing oasis. A sauna to relax your muscles or a hot tub to enjoy with loved ones are just some of the specialty features our electrical contractors can install hookups for in your space.

Contact us to find out the many ways we can help upgrade your home.

Electrical Retrofitting Services

Have you noticed an unexpected hike in your utility costs? Have you tried to identify the cause of this spike, but have not uncovered any plausible answer? In cases such as those, the electrical system itself is usually responsible for across-the-board inefficiencies.

When we task an old and outdated electrical system with supplying electrical for a modern household, many problems arise. Homeowners wind up pushing their electrical system to the brink, resulting in larger energy outputs and greater chance of electrical failure. In times such as those, a retrofit of the property's electrical system is the best option you can make.

Ins and Out of Electrical Retrofitting

Electrical retrofitting is all about introducing efficiency to your home. When you call upon our skilled team, we arrange a time for an in-depth energy audit. The audit sees us investigating every aspect of your home's electrical system—and the essential appliances that require electricity, too.

After uncovering the core inefficiencies, we will present you with a report and the options at your disposal. Our job could see us re-wiring the household from floor to ceiling or simply replacing the electrical panel with something better suited to modern-day demands. We will also inform you of any liabilities we uncover throughout the household, as well. There is no reason to live amongst electrical hazards if you don't have to.

There is no telling what we'll uncover during the auditing process—but you can rest assured we will leave you with much-needed peace of mind. We are the ones to call when you want to introduce electrical efficiency to the household.

Good lighting is something that can take any space to the next level. If you want to install high-quality lighting in your space, you can trust our team of licensed electrical contractors. We’ll help you select and install lighting or add lighting options that your space may not have. Your room’s vibes will be unmatched when Carl Miller Electric oversees your lighting. We work safely, efficiently, and always keep style in mind.

Commercial Electrical Contracting Services

Because their scope is typically much bigger than residential jobs, commercial electrical work is extremely complicated and needs to be conducted by a professional commercial electrical contractor. Carl Miller Electric has been making sure Santa Rosa businesses receive efficient and cost-effective commercial electrical contracting services to keep them up to code for several years.

Reliable commercial electrical contractors are hard to find, but you can look no further than Carl Miller Electric. Our great rates, skilled staff, and quality services will keep your electrical in excellent shape.

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Our Electrical Contractors Offer a Wide Range of Services

Electrical contractors are necessary to building and maintaining your residential or commercial space. Our team of experts can deliver a wide variety of electrical services to service your space. Our licensed electrical contractors’ work is top of the line, reasonably priced, and always on time.

Our team offers services like:

  • Home automation
  • Home lighting
  • Electrical heating
  • Electrical retrofitting
  • Rewiring services
  • And more!

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Electrical Contractor Services with Great Rates

Our society relies heavily on electricity. Electrical services help us meet our basic needs of food and shelter and keeps us connected to the internet. The internet is integral for most business transactions and keeping us connected with colleagues, loved ones, and the world at large.

Our team is committed to offering quality electrical services at competitive rates. Other electrical companies’ services might break the bank, which is why at Carl Miller Electric we keep our prices reasonable while maintaining our high-quality service.

You’ll come for the great prices but stay for the quality service.

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Local Electrical Contractors You Can Trust

Our local expertise makes us the best choice for electrical contractor services in the Santa Rosa area. Our team knows the local climate, understands how structures are usually built, and has a good grasp on the services that residents usually want in Santa Rosa. We can make sure you get the best services at a reasonable price because we value the relationships we’ve created with our community.

Carl Miller Electric local electrical contractors will make sure to get the job done right. Contact us today and book your next consultation.

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For all your residential and commercial electrical contracting needs, Carl Miller Electric is proud to be your reliable, affordable one-stop shop for all things design, installation and maintenance. Get a free estimate when you call us today.